Available dogs 

Are you or your department looking for a new K9 then most probably you are also looking for guarantees and support.

It is very normal and even a standard for every line of supplier except in the dog world to give you guarantees or backup.

If you buy  a patrolcar it comes with all kinds of warranties and support.

Same for everything really but not for a dog

It feels like if you buy a second hand car with unknown background and from a unknown source.

We felt the same for a long time and took the route to end that feeling.

We developed our own breeding program so the unknown faded away.

  this gives us the chance to have a constant supply of first class working dogs with all the history you want as the dogs are born,raised and trained at our facilities.

From green single purpose to fully trained multipurpose.

With all this we are able to not only sell you a good working dog but also to be a vendor that gives you full support , guarantee and training.

Because we trained our dogs from scratch that also means that we always have a solution to any problems may arise, its unlikely but still.

Working dogs available at Ronin all come with (unless stated otherwise):

  • A guarantee (up to 3 years) on health and workability.
  • Xrays of elbows hips and back.
  • European passport
  • Health certificate
  • Regular shots and rabies.

We have half trained and fully trained single and dual
purpose dogs available in the US and the Netherlands .

Please mail for info on availability   ronindogs@gmail.com


Netherlands: +31 6 53 40 43 59

USA : + 1 423 618 6330
Email: ronindogs@gmail.com

For our Dutch website go to: http://www.ronindogtraining.nl