Ronin Dog Training seminars and classes are for Police or Military working dogs. All the training methodologies are biased towards getting the dogs ready for real work and are not sport orientated.

We are happy to present THE RONIN SCHOLARSHIP 

Ronin Dog Training understands that many police agencies do not have the funding to maintain a police canine program, most of which are small to midsize departments that simply do not have the budget to include this service. Criminals are keenly aware that the police do not have the resources to sufficiently protect the public from them. For most of these communities, it would only take one dog, one trained police canine to help rid the community of this criminal element.

In an effort to support these departments Ronin has set up a scholarship program specifically designed to assist in the purchase of the much needed asset of a police canine.   SEVERAL SINGLE PURPOSE READY TO GO TO YOUR HANDLER 

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11-16 APRIL 2021  LE certification week with trouble shooting and high level training for Single and Dual purpose dogs.

Defense in decoy work


All surface tracking
Detection high focus





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Multi purpose handler course is 8 weeks if combined with a green dog not from our puppy program.
6 weeks if the dog is from our puppy program.
Single purpose Handler course is 6 weeks if combined with a green dog
4 weeks if a dog is chosen from our puppy program. 

Trainers classes are random available in our methodology for training police or SAR dogs.

Trainers course for Police Service Dog are in 2 parts.
1st part is to bring a pup/young dog to a Ronin green dog level average 8 weeks to pas and can be taken in per 2 weeks.
2nd part is to bring a Ronin green dog or any dual purpose green dog to certification and street level and trouble shoot. average 8-10 weeks to pas and can be taken in per 2 weeks. 
if you are going to buy green dogs then part 2 is only needed.
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workshop or Seminar needed ??? please check out the regular workshops we give below or ask for the posibilities by sending us a mail

What kind of training we give

Regular Ronin Dog Training Seminar

This Seminar is an introduction to the Ronin Methodologies.

It is a 3 day seminar and gives you insight to a training Methodology that is proven to produce strong willing to work police or military dogs or working dogs. By understanding the concept gives you the ability to train and troubleshoot a working-dog used for Tracking, detection and apprehension.

:: 3-day Seminar (or longer if requested) ::

Decoying for Police and Military dogs: a lost art

The selection of a good dual purpose dog for your program depends a great deal on someone who can read and feel the dog during the test. The information given by the dog during test says everything about if the dog is just showing “trained behavior” or if it’s in the genes. Also if the dog has already had prior training and how well (or bad) its done.

This information and then a good build-up aggression program results in a solid street dog that does the work to the full capacity of that dog. This prevents a false feel of safety by the K9 officer and his fellow officers which happens very often with pure prey-build aggression training.

A solid street K9 is essential for a K9-officer’s safety.

Decoying for Police and Military dogs is a very misunderstood discipline. Too often the dogs are trained in the wrong drive on the wrong time resulting in dogs not ready for the street.

To be a decoy for your unit or department is not about only “catching dogs” or being the “guy in the suit” and for sure it’s not about trying to look scary or though. It’s about reading the dog in which drive he or she is ,change it if needed and train towards the goal, creating  balanced fighting dogs for your unit.


Because a decoy must have a very good knowledge on what is happening in the dogs head and he must have a very good understanding of how a dog learns the decoy classes go in on full depth in dog training.

Decoying is not something you learn in a sort few days course. It takes years of skill development and working many different dogs. Many times you will encounter problems that makes you wonder.

What we can do for you is lay a path to become a professional decoy. The skill you are about to learn is a lost art.

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:: All surfaces tracking and trailing seminar :: 

Tracking and trailing for police or military dogs has nothing to do with footstep tracking as done in IPO or other tracking dog sports.

The Seminar/ workshop is for police and military working-dogs that are used for only tracking or are multi purpose.

3-day workshop

Goal of the workshop is to give the handler and the dog the tools to train towards tracking and trailing on all surfaces in remote and populated area’s.

  • The fundamentals of tracking and trailing.
  • Getting the focus.
  • Understand human scent.
  • The weather and our track.
  • Hot and cold tracks, when and how much.
  • Track lengths.



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