To maintain the availability of  high quality working-dogs we developed our own breeding program.


The German Shepherd is one of our favorite breeds as a divers working dog. Due to the popularity in the past, the breed suffered a lot of overbreeding for looks, color, and just as a product to make money. At the moment it is also happening with the Malinois (Belgium/Mechelse Shepherd) and Dutch shepherd.

These days it’s just as hard to find a good clear minded healthy Malinois as it is to get a good shepherd. So instead of following the trend and just use what is most popular and run into issues such as nervousness (often mistaken for drive) and bad health, we started our own breeding program.

We chose proven working-dogs with known healthy and workable bloodlines to start our own bloodlines.The dogs happen to be German Shepherds, mainly because of a good registry of lines and to stay away from problems caused by past unknown breeding.

We feel that we truly bring back wat was almost lost.

We try to maintain a good flow of working dogs puppies for our puppy program.



The next problem we encounter is that buying a young working dog from a breeder, private person or from the mass production lines (seen in Polen , Czech, Slovakia, Hungaria, and now even Mexico and so on), always results in the same problems.You always need to fix training and behavior problems caused by raising a dog with no clear goal in mind.

The main problems are stress by overstimulation, environmental issues and drive issues (read: trained to look like drive) This combined with past corrections in areas were you want the dog to develop upwards and not feel restricted.

This made us start our puppy program: it lets us start with blank untrained pup which we let develop towards what we want and not what others think we want.

Indeed it costs a lot of time, manpower and money to run a good program, but we feel the results are worth it. The comfortable feeling of having dogs in your kennel that are raised to your expectations makes up for the year or 1,5 year of hard work.


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