K9 talk by a K9 trainer – Part 2

To understand the loss in not going for a pup but instead for a “green” dog we need to know that first of all that its hard to get a totally green dog.
Green in my book means a dog with no prior training.
We want green because we want to put the odours on the dog so we have control of how we want establish the foundation for detection.

So no errors from other trainers( contaminated scents for example)

That the dog has prior bite work foundation seems not to be the problem for most trainers. And yes it gives speed to the bite built-up.
It clearly says that the dog bites and in what manner( deep ,calm ,suite ,sleeve)

Tracking ,rarely any green dog has experience in tracking
As real tracking is not a part of any sport.
You must know that IPO tracking is not what I call real tracking.
IPO tracking is an High obedience scent work exercise with ground disturbance as target scent.
I am not saying its bad ,I am saying that for a real police dog it’s a not the proper foundation for tracking.
But if you live in an area with only nice fields and criminals only run on a walking pace with forging their feet deep in the ground than no problem!!

So lets talk about were the green dogs come from.
Most of them( not all) its either the dog sport or out of kennels that specialise in green dogs.

Small kennels that breed in a proper way and guide the pup towards his adult life in a controlled and purposeful manner are by far my favourite.
You need to know the people that manage the kennel and they for sure point you to the dog you want to test for your purpose.
To bad that most of the kennels are not in environments were you want your dog to work in so environmental there can be surprises but for the rest its up to you as a trainer
And then we have the green dog producing kennels.
Like 400 dogs to choose from.
How do they ever get so many dogs, you must ask yourself.

And how are these dogs being raised if they started their life in such a place. Not saying that every dog that comes from such a place is bad.
But for sure that sometimes you are buying something unknown.
For me its to high volume of dogs to be good.

Big buildings full with kennels with dogs that are only trained (if you can call it that) to be ball happy and bite a sleeve.
The place were frustration gets confused with drive.
Its all up to how well you can test the dog ,no help from anyone that puts you in the right Direction.

This are the places were people go that HAVE TO deliver 10 dogs per month because that’s in the contract , and they cant find any elsewhere.

I understand that its business for some but it starts to lean in the direction of a nasty business.
More like quantity over quality and let the trainers and departments in need for a green dog play some kind of Russian roulette.
A lot of money is just wasted because the dog ( that was maybe even cheap as in price) was not what we thought it was and you can test only so much.
Now you got a dog not fit for the job intended.
Or it can do only 75% of its task ( seen dogs that not even do 50%)
I hear you say ,its about how much time you spend in training.
But a dog scared in a scenario that changes constantly ( police dog) cannot be trained out of the dog.
Its not fair to the dog and to the officer.
The dog cant handle the situations and is in constant stress.
The officer has the feeling of walking around with an empty gun.

Would you want to be in his shoes??
Next time we talk about green dogs out of Sports like IPO,KNPV, Ring sports and so on.

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