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K9 Panenka ♂ *SOLD*
Fully trained P-NDD 




K9 Remus ♂
Fully Trained P-EDD



K9 Emma ♀
Half Trained P-EDD 



27072249_969698476515228_5414100220749549721_nK9 Zino ♂
Half Trained P-EDD



K9 Teo 
Half Trained P-..DD



K9 Rocky ♂ *SOLD*
Half Trained P-..DD



K9 Mylo 
Half Trained P-..DD

K9 Igor 
Half Trained P-..DD



K9 Asthor 
Half Trained P-..DD

K9 Kalo 
Half Trained ..DD



K9 Andorra ♀
Half Trained EDD 


Patrol  Dogs  (PD) – Are  dogs  trained  to  and  above  all  regular  working-­‐dog  national  and  international   certification  standards  for  patrol  dogs.
Narcotic  detection  dog  (NDD) –
Are  dogs  trained  to  detect  most  narcotic  substances  high  and  low  volumes   This  to  and  above  all  regular  national  and  international  certification  standards.
Explosive  detection  dog  (EDD) –
Are  dogs  trained  to  detect  most  explosive  materials  in  high  and  low  volumes   This  to  and  above  all  regular  national  and  international  certification  standards
AT  or  Swat  dog – 
Are  dogs  trained  to  be  part  of  an  arrest  team.   These  dogs  have  a  very  powerful  grip,  high  aggression  on  command  and  very  fast. Dogs  can  be  trained  further  to  team’s  tactical  use  of  the  dog.    
Special  detection  dog (  ….DD  ) –
Are  dogs  trained  to  detect  either?
Human  blood, Human  remains, Electronic  devices, Currency, Arson, Human  scent  (evidence), Bedbugs or Mold.    
Tracking  Dog  for  all  terrain  TD – 
Tracking  dog  that  will  track  pure  on  the  target  human  odor  presented  to  the  dog.
Personal / Family protection dogs – Will be used to: live with a family and will know how to do bitework, basic obedience and to guard / protect.
Puppies – A few times a year we also have puppies available, which are bred with the appropriate working skills.

Medical – All our dogs come with clinical inspection and:

  • International passport
  • Pedigree when available
  • Mirco Chip
  • Health certificate signed by a vet
  • X-ray’s HD and ED
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Worm treatment


Netherlands: +31 6 53 40 43 59
USA: 70 48 02 75 66
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