Available Dogs

Green working Dogs/ puppy’s
Green working dogs are available in Europe and the US.

For puppy’s go to the puppy program tab

Please note all dogs available in the US are imported working dogs out of Europe.

Ronin has 2 kinds of green single and dual purpose dogs.
– Out of the Ronin puppy program.
– Or a purchased green dog from either The Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia or Czech.

We are trying to battle the always unclear standard for green working dogs. What is green?
To take doubt away we raise the standard for green working dogs to half trained dogs. These high standard green dogs are dogs of our own puppy program.
– We have standards for single purpose dogs that meet the requirements for most government contracts and or tenders.
– We have standards for dual purpose dogs that meet the requirements for most government contracts and or tenders.

If you are in need for working dogs on a regular basis or just one, then please contact us with your requirements and yes it is possible to come to our training facility in the Netherlands to see our dogs (after making a appointment). Transport from the nearest airports Amsterdam Schiphol and Brussels and lodging can be arranged.

Trained Dogs:
All trained dogs meet and go above the standards of most certification organizations.

Ronin has available, on a regular basis, fully trained:
– Explosive Detection Dog with a minimum of 12 target scents. 2 AVAILABLE
– Narcotic Detection Dog with a minimum of 6 target scents.
– Explosive Detection patrol dogs
– Narcotic Detection  patrol dogs. 2 AVAILABLE

Also classes are available for handling these dogs all the way up to certification level.
We have classes in the US and Europe.

NEW: handler with purchase of a dog classes in Europe for our US customers. Flying from and back to the US included.

Other working dogs available on regular basis or on request:
– Live find dogs 1 AVAILABLE
– Human remains  detection dogs 1 AVAILABLE
– Money detection dogs
– Bedbug  detection dogs 1 AVAILABLE
– Arson detection dogs
– AT dogs
– Swat dogs

All dogs delivered by Ronin have:
– X-rays hips, spine and elbows on file or CD
– Cocktail shots
– Rabiës shots
– Worm treatment
– Micro chip
– European passport
– In case of export a health certificate



Netherlands: 0031 6 53 40 43 59
Email: ronindogs@gmail.com

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