Training Philosophy

RONIN DOG TRAINING  is a company for working-dogs that are really going to work.

“Our goal is to deliver dogs that are up to the task.”

11834944_511932328958514_3779611252552852378_oThis means that if you want a detection dog, you get a dog that has the skills and nerves for this job. If you want the dog to be ready to work, only the transfer to another handler will be needed. If you want to train your dog yourself, you get a dog that has proven its ability to search in all kinds of environments.

Same for a patrol dog, personal protection dog, or even a tactical dog(because of this very special task the dog can’t be trained to just transfer to other handler but will have the drives and nerves).

“We rather deliver 2 good dogs than 10 maybe good dogs.”

Dogtraining has probably been around for as long as there are dogs among us. Over time it became more and more detailed as the job for the dogs became more complex. Also the influence of “sports” had a big impact on dogtraining.

11255482_484081695076911_1801600675880464867_oNow you might look at a dog during tracking and it seems that it’s done with a lot of focus en intensity. In reality it is more of a “trained” behaviour and the dog is more scared to fall out of this behaviour than it is using his nose. Which could be more than enough for sports. But what if you are tracking for a lost child or maybe a criminal? The dog doesn’t know when it’s real or sports so it will do what we taught him.

When doing real work you want your dog to use everything he’s got to fore-fill his task. You want to have him work his nose and it doesn’t matter if he checks every footstep with a precise  style. You want drive and focus till he reaches his goal and that’s how you train a real working dog.10646780_599321676844964_97428619388963811_n (1)

You use his “instinct and drive” to track so you can rely on your dog. Teach the dog that when he is using this, he will have success in finding his goal. Teach the dog that you are a “hunting partner” and he will obey you as he finds out that you ask him to make an hunt(task) successful. Just like every wild dog knows to stay low and hide in the grass to creep up on a big prey just before the attack as a group.

It also matters that you teach the dog to work in all kinds of environments so a basic training field is not going to do it. That’s why we train in buildings, fields, woods and as close to reality as possible even if the dog is young and green.

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