Puppy Program

 “We feel that selecting the pup carefully and letting it develop with a goal in mind, gives the best outcome. Sure it’s not a guarantee but it’s pretty close.”


The pups are specially selected out of promising litters. Ronin works closely with a breeder that knows what we are looking for. They will breed special combinations and keep an eye on the pups 10505343_911856395498347_8908272755407144351_nand preselect them.

If there is no litter available the breeder knows other breeders in the network that will help us out. They all know what the job of the dogs will be and this way we have a better chance to get the pup with the right drives for the job it’s going to have in the future.

We discuss with the breeder if the pup is what we are looking for and do small test ourselves. Basically the breeder knows the pups from day one and has the best insight on the pup. The end test is just an extra pre-assuring.


The program we have gives the puppy the chance to develop its natural instinct and drive. Because of this the little dog will be ready for the real working-dog world as soon he matures. This gives the dog a head start. It also gives us a good insight on the dog itself, so we will know what the dog’s qualities are.

“The dog will be no surprise for us anymore and also not for you.”

The dog that will get a job as police or security dog will have had training in all kinds of situations he or she might have 10258250_738443376237467_2004054775966509338_oto deal with in the real world like:  buildings searches,  man tracking/searching on all surfaces,  article searching,  and all kinds of bitework. The dog that will get a job as detection dog will be used to:  work in buildings,  cars ,  fields,  streets,  and wherever you want to work. The personal protection dog will be used to:  live with a family and will know how to do bitework and to guard.

Basically it’s all about letting the pup develop his drives in all kinds of environments. You want to have a dog that can perform for 100%  in his job and you don’t want to find out that he or she is too stressed out about the environment where the work has to be done.  Most of  us know that a dog can be a lion on a training field but change into a mouse on a slippery flour inside a room. Problems like that are not fixed with a little training. Problems like that cost time that you could normally spend on working with your dog or time that you wanted to use for special training. It might mean that it’s the wrong dog for the job you want the dog to do. You want to know that before you invest in a working dog that’s going to a real job.  Yes you can test dog before you start and there are good dogs out there. But you can test only so much. The rest is finding out in training.  We feel that selecting the pup carefully and letting it develop with a goal in mind, gives the best outcome. Sure it’s not a guarantee but it’s pretty close.


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